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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Got Shoes?

I found my shoes, I found my shoes!!! I am so happy that this task is now behind me.

I ordered these Jessica Simpson wedges from a seller on ebay:

but next to Mr. B's royal blue converse the color just didn't look right

I was very discouraged. I needed wedges because of all the grass at mom & dad's house, but I really wanted my shoes to be blue. These shoes had been the only ones that fit both criteria and were in my price range. I sent them back to the seller and went around town looking for something that could work.

At JCPenney I found these shoes.

No, they are not blue, but they are just about a perfect match to my dress. They are wedges and best part ... they were only $15!! I can't wait to try them on with my dress in 2 weeks.

Did you have a hard time finding the perfect shoes? Did you find them or did you settle for the next best thing?

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Suit for the Little Man

I just realized that I never showed you the suit we bought Little A. We bought it the end of March after we bought Mr. B's suit. I found it at Burlington Coat Factory during an Easter sale. It is a Calvin Klein suit and I got it for only $49. It didn't come with a shirt so we need to find one, but it was a great price for the suit. As you can see the pants need a little altering. I don't want to do anything permanent because let's face it, he will grow LOL.

I also found him a pair of converse just like Mr. B's on ebay for $19

That puts the grand total (so far) for Little A's outfit at $68, definitely under my $100 budget.

That makes 3 down and just Miss G's left to go.

Did you take advantage of any holiday sales when buying stuff for your wedding party?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ebay to the rescue!

When you live in a "not yet a city, not a small town" like we do the shopping choices tend to be limited. Luckily I have been able to turn to ebay to help in my search for a few items.

You may remember that I bought Mr. B's blue converse on ebay

I think I forgot to tell you that I found Little A a pair as well


I also found and bought my wedding dress from Dolly Couture

my next ebay purchase will probably be these adorable shoes:


They are Jessica Simpson Ceasar Wedge Pumps and unfortunately they have been discontinued! Yikes! If I want them I will need to get the from some type of overstock store or ebay. The auction I am stalking/watching right now is for a pair of size 8. Typically I wear a size 7 1/2 but I have never worn shoes from Jessica Simpson's brand so an 8 might work. I have a friend that has bought Jessica Simpson heels before so I want to try on a pair of her 7 1/2 to see how the feel.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Decision, Decisions

This Thursday Mr. B and I go to have our E-Pics taken. I am admittedly strong arming him into this a little. He isn't really a "picture taking" kind of guy. I am insistent we have these done because we don't have that many pictures of us together. We are lucky that I have relationships with multiple photographers in town.

Our last "family" pictures were taken by William F Bulter, who has done MANY of our family pictures & events, including my kids birthday parties. He is the photographer that we have booked for our wedding day (more on that later)

He would have done our engagement photos but I wanted to use another friend that is also a local photographer. Her name is Jill and she unfortunately doesn't have a website and she no longer shoots weddings. She did however do my Senior Portraits some time ago. I was in a musical this Christmas with her. During our many rehearsals for the musical we talked about her doing our engagement photos when Mr. B popped the question. I literally called her the next morning after we got engaged! It took about a month to get our schedules coordinated, but we found a day. We have discussed the types of photo we want. I definitely stress that we want "FUN" photos. We are going to start in her photography garden that she has next to her studio. Then we will be taking some down Main Street, which has some fun fountains, a lot of architecture. Take a look:



Then as our last location we will go down to the Old Ocean to Ocean Bridge and possibly the river:


So now I have some decisions to make as far as outfits. I was gonna take pics of me IN the outfits, but Mr. B doesn't take the best pictures. You will just have to help with the use of the pictures from

{blue faux wrap top}

{brown crossover top}

both with a pair of jeans

{Stretch Bootcut Jeans}

and one of these pairs of heels

{Judy Round Toe Pump}

{American Eagle Sling Wedge}

Help me pick which tops go with which shoes. PLUS which top I should use in the garden and which one I should wear on main street/river.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blue Suede Shoes ... or any blue really

I wanna find blue shoes! I am having the hardest time. I would really love some help from all you wonderful ladies. I do have a few requirements:
#1 - Royal Blue
#2 - Comfortable
#3 - Non-Sinkable

#1 - Royal Blue ... Mr. B's converse are Royal Blue and I want my shoes to look good next to his.

#2 - Comfortable ... This is a no brainer, every bride wants to have comfortable shoes for her wedding day. We are in them for SO long that day, most of the time standing and dancing. I have a secondary problem, I broke my foot while pregnant with Miss G. Now I have to be careful about the styles of shoes I buy. The bones in my foot are can be very tender. Most of the time I wear ballet flats, but I have been gradually buying heels. I just can't wear 3 1/2 inch Jessica Simpson's LOL.

#3 - Non-Sinkable ... This might seem like an odd requirement but is VERY necessary for my ceremony and reception location. Being in my parent's yard mean lot of grass ... I mean LOTS of grass. Plus there is a beachy/sand area that I want to take pictures in as well. Most heals will sink into either terrain. I think my best bet will be wedges.

Here are some that I have already looked at, I just haven't committed to any of them. I am afraid to pull the trigger.

Steve Madden Shakeup


Nine West




Jessica Simpson Caesar (but I can't find my size)


Janae by Betseyville (this color may be too dark and they are 3 1/2 inch)


I could do dyeable as well, these are the only wedges I can find:
Cilena by Coloriffics


What do you think? Which do you like? Any other blue wedges out there I haven't found?

Friday, March 13, 2009

What's a guy to wear?

Now that I have my attire mostly figured out it is time to focus on Mr. B. I knew from the start that I didn't want him in a tux. He is not a tux kind of guy and the stark black just wasn't working with our semi-color scheme. I offered to let him go without a jacket like these grooms:



But for some reason he wants to wear a jacket, so I put away my dreams of my man in a cool vest or just a shirt with rolled up sleeves and a tie (I can always have him do it for our TTD session)

At first we thought about a nice dark navy suit ... 'till I saw them on him. They all looked "off". He has a lighter complexion and they seemed to wash him out even more. He also didn't look very comfortable in them. So I went over to the area with the tan/beige coats and found a couple. I decided to whip out my handy dandy fabric sample from my dress and eliminated a few choices that were too light. The ones we liked best looked similar to these:


More like this one actually


He wants to try on a few more before we commit and buy one. I will be sure to bring my camera along the 2nd time ;)

We do know one thing he WILL be wearing

Royal Blue Low Top Converse! They were actually a little difficult to find. I would have had to custom make them on the converse site (no thanks) and some of the other online shoes stores didn't have his size. I lucked out this week and found them in his size on ebay and only paid $29.99! They should arrive in 6-12 days. I am praying they will fit.

The last thing we will need to find after the shoes arrive is a tie to match. Hopefully that won't be as hard.

Was is difficult to figure out what your groom was going to be wearing? His he going to push aside standard dress shoes and pick a different shoe?
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