Friday, March 13, 2009

What's a guy to wear?

Now that I have my attire mostly figured out it is time to focus on Mr. B. I knew from the start that I didn't want him in a tux. He is not a tux kind of guy and the stark black just wasn't working with our semi-color scheme. I offered to let him go without a jacket like these grooms:



But for some reason he wants to wear a jacket, so I put away my dreams of my man in a cool vest or just a shirt with rolled up sleeves and a tie (I can always have him do it for our TTD session)

At first we thought about a nice dark navy suit ... 'till I saw them on him. They all looked "off". He has a lighter complexion and they seemed to wash him out even more. He also didn't look very comfortable in them. So I went over to the area with the tan/beige coats and found a couple. I decided to whip out my handy dandy fabric sample from my dress and eliminated a few choices that were too light. The ones we liked best looked similar to these:


More like this one actually


He wants to try on a few more before we commit and buy one. I will be sure to bring my camera along the 2nd time ;)

We do know one thing he WILL be wearing

Royal Blue Low Top Converse! They were actually a little difficult to find. I would have had to custom make them on the converse site (no thanks) and some of the other online shoes stores didn't have his size. I lucked out this week and found them in his size on ebay and only paid $29.99! They should arrive in 6-12 days. I am praying they will fit.

The last thing we will need to find after the shoes arrive is a tie to match. Hopefully that won't be as hard.

Was is difficult to figure out what your groom was going to be wearing? His he going to push aside standard dress shoes and pick a different shoe?

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Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

can't wait to see the outcome!

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