Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blue Suede Shoes ... or any blue really

I wanna find blue shoes! I am having the hardest time. I would really love some help from all you wonderful ladies. I do have a few requirements:
#1 - Royal Blue
#2 - Comfortable
#3 - Non-Sinkable

#1 - Royal Blue ... Mr. B's converse are Royal Blue and I want my shoes to look good next to his.

#2 - Comfortable ... This is a no brainer, every bride wants to have comfortable shoes for her wedding day. We are in them for SO long that day, most of the time standing and dancing. I have a secondary problem, I broke my foot while pregnant with Miss G. Now I have to be careful about the styles of shoes I buy. The bones in my foot are can be very tender. Most of the time I wear ballet flats, but I have been gradually buying heels. I just can't wear 3 1/2 inch Jessica Simpson's LOL.

#3 - Non-Sinkable ... This might seem like an odd requirement but is VERY necessary for my ceremony and reception location. Being in my parent's yard mean lot of grass ... I mean LOTS of grass. Plus there is a beachy/sand area that I want to take pictures in as well. Most heals will sink into either terrain. I think my best bet will be wedges.

Here are some that I have already looked at, I just haven't committed to any of them. I am afraid to pull the trigger.

Steve Madden Shakeup


Nine West




Jessica Simpson Caesar (but I can't find my size)


Janae by Betseyville (this color may be too dark and they are 3 1/2 inch)


I could do dyeable as well, these are the only wedges I can find:
Cilena by Coloriffics


What do you think? Which do you like? Any other blue wedges out there I haven't found?

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