Monday, March 16, 2009

Horray for Dollar Tree

I *heart* Dollar Tree, they really do make planning an event a little bit easier when you are on a budget. True you do have to sort through and bypass some "cheap" stuff, but there are definite "finds" to be found!

Today Momma and I went to go find some stuff for Miss G's "Rock Star" birthday. We found a few items on our list, but with wedding on the brain as well we went over to the dish aisle as well. Momma has been searching for these "water goblets" as she calls them for a while. She searched before the Baby Shower that we threw, but none of the three locations in town had what she was looking for. Today there was a whole shelf full!! We flagged down a very helpful manager who boxed up three cases for us and then gave us the number to be able to order more from the "direct" line that they have. We will need 4 more cases to have enough for the wedding.


As I looked in the catalog that he gave me I also found an item that I think will make Mr. B happy. My brother & SIL gave out wine glasses at their Napa Valley wedding so beer pilsners seem fitting for our home wedding.


I saw these at the Dollar Tree by my house, but they are in the catalog as well. I think one of these vases will work best with the sunflowers for our centerpieces:



Plus they have candles and candle holders galore.

I might also follow after Miss Cheese and hunt down plates. I wasn't happy with their silverware options but if push comes to shove and I don't find anything else they have them as well.

Are you using discount stores to stay under budget?

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Jenn said...

Very nice! I love a good dollar store deal :)

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