Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Folding Napkins ... a refresher course

Way back in the day I was a Princess House consultant. It is kind of like tupperware, only it is crystal. I loved the product, it was easy to sell in the area I lived in (Orange County) and I made a pretty decent commission.

One of the things my trainer taught me to do was teach napkin folds during the parties. It was always a quick and simple fold that was easy to teach. After a couple parties on my own I started researching different folds to teach. Now it has been about 7 years since my last party and I have not really kept up on my napkin folding. I am still confident I can pull this off though.

I went looking for some types of napkin folds I am might do for the wedding. It would basically just be my mom and I folding napkins Friday night before the wedding so the fold can not be too difficult. I do know that I want a pocket type fold so I can insert a card into the pocket. Here are a few visual examples:
{source }


I have done this fold before, but I wanted to search for some alternatives and get a refresher course. Here are a few links (with pictures)

The Basic Silverware Pouch

The Diamond Pouch

Which fold do you like the best? Are you folding your own napkins?


melissa said...

I just love the basic pocket fold. Especially if you have a colored napkin as shown in some of the pictures. The Diamond Pouch seems like a lot of work. Is it possible to do this ahead of time?

Amber said...

We will likely rent the napkins if I go with colored ones, and the rentals are all being dropped off on Friday morning. It is only about a hundred LOL.

Cyd said...

I am not sure if we'll be folding our own yet, but this is the kind of fold I'm after too...hopefully it all works out!

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