Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A little flower inspiration

From the very beginning I knew that I wanted to have sunflowers at our wedding. Mr. B doesn't have an opinion on flowers. My problem is that I am not very confident with the local florists in town. They are just your standard florist shops, nothing really special that sets them apart. I would probably get very traditional flowers and likely over pay as well. Mom & I decided that we could DIY the flowers. I did have to talk her out of using silk flowers. I just don't like how silk sunflower look most of the time. After finding a few wholesale sunflower suppliers online I started searching google for inspiration.

Here are some of the centerpiece ideas:



I loved that these were JUST sunflowers in vases. For a DIY girl that has never done flowers this makes it much less frightening.

And a hand tied bouquet for me is DIYable as well:



I don't need many boutonnieres, so I don't look for them too much. I like these two:



I still need to do a trial to make sure I CAN DIY all of this, plus I have a few more ideas up my sleeve as well to give Mom & Dad's yard that extra touch.

Are you going to DIY your flowers?


Courtney B said...

You are brave! I'm sure they'll Look fabulous.I really like the 3rd pic down of the sunflowers and the old lantern.

I have heard the DIY flower route isn't as hard as you would think. i thought about doing it myself, but I have 6 Bridesmaids and I figured that would be a bit too much. Then I found a really great priced florist, so i lucked out.

You'll have to post how your trials turn out!

Anonymous said...

You can get these at for about 10 bucks!

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