Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dolly Dress: I bought my dress!

Yes I know I still haven't finished my proposal story, but I am just SO excited to share this that I can't wait. Yesterday morning I purchased my wedding dress .... my CUSTOM wedding dress!! I couldn't find exactly what I wanted so I am having it done custom. My requirements for a dress were:
Short (between knee & tea-length)
NOT white
Full A-Line skirt
Colored Petticoat
Straps (no strapless at all)

The search for my dress did not start at some fancy boutique or bridal shop. Just like everything else, my search started online. Being "Plus Size" all my life, shopping for clothes is never easy. Dress shopping the first time around was less than perfect and I really wanted to avoid the trauma this time. I know what looks good on me and I thought I knew what I wanted.

I started at David's Bridal because I thought I would just find a nice inexpensive dress there, plus there is one in near-by San Diego that I could go to if I needed/wanted too. I found this dress: Strapless Tea-Length Dress It came in my size, was under $100 and had some of my requirements. I wasn't in LOVE with it though, so my dress searching continued.

I did a search for "short dresses" on WeddingBee and came across this post by Mrs. Shortcake. She introduced me to Stephanie Jones and Candy Anthony. I couldn't stop looking at their beautiful dresses. Here are my favorites:

{source - Candy Anthony}

{source-Stephanie James}

My dreams were crushed when I realized Candy Anthony is in the UK. and that Stephanie James dresses start at about $1500. Bummer :(

So I did a Google search for short wedding dresses and somehow found Dolly Couture. I fell in love! The prices were right, and because Dolly does custom dresses I could get ALL my requirements met!! After seeing probably a 100+ dresses and saving the images on my computer I had a good idea of what I wanted to ask for when I finally emailed Dolly a few weeks ago. I showed her my collection of inspiration which included a few of hers. I told her I wanted a cross over type bodice with a royal blue petticoat and it to not be white! She suggested we take her popular "Manhattan"

Do a custom bodice and add the blue petticoat. This is the sketch she sent:

She also sent out 2 fabric samples for me to look at. They arrived a few days later and I loved the Champagne. After a few more days of making a few modifications (no tulle protruding, deciding how the straps would hit on my shoulders, ect) I emailed everything to the Orders Rep who put up my custom Ebay listing. As soon as I got the link I went and paid. It was a little bit more that I thought I was going to be paying (the custom charges & my measurements) but I know I am gonna love it.

In 8-12 weeks it will be here!! WOO HOO!

Did it take a lot of online searching to find your dress?


Lmarie said...

A custom dress for that price?! Awesome choice. The more I think about my July date, the more I'm reconsidering my full-length gown. Thanks for the great alternative!

Lmarie said...

Oh no! I've fallen in love with "Hastings on Hudson"! I blame this all on you, Amber.

melissa said...

Great dress! I just stumbled upon your blog. I am also an Arizona Dolly Couture wearing bride.

Courtney B said...

I'm loving your dress choice. I think the short dresses are fabulous, and I can't wait to see your sketch become a reality!

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