Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Got Shoes?

I found my shoes, I found my shoes!!! I am so happy that this task is now behind me.

I ordered these Jessica Simpson wedges from a seller on ebay:

but next to Mr. B's royal blue converse the color just didn't look right

I was very discouraged. I needed wedges because of all the grass at mom & dad's house, but I really wanted my shoes to be blue. These shoes had been the only ones that fit both criteria and were in my price range. I sent them back to the seller and went around town looking for something that could work.

At JCPenney I found these shoes.

No, they are not blue, but they are just about a perfect match to my dress. They are wedges and best part ... they were only $15!! I can't wait to try them on with my dress in 2 weeks.

Did you have a hard time finding the perfect shoes? Did you find them or did you settle for the next best thing?

1 comment:

Aarika said...

I'll admit that it's hard finding the right shoe in the right color, but thank God for places like Unforgettable Moments. They have cute trendy shoes that come in all kinds of colors.

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