Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Made by Mom: Hair Wreath

There are some projects that I just don't have the time to get done, so instead I give my ideas to my mom and she runs with them and does the DIY for me (love you mom!)

I had this photo in my inspiration folder for how I wanted Miss G's wreath. My mom used it to create an adorable wreath.

She started with a small grapevine wreath. She softened the grapevines by letting them soak in the sink for a few hours until she was able to unravel the wreath. The one 99 cent wreath that she bought actually made 2 wreaths.

We then had Miss G try them on to see which fit her best.

Then my mom took the left over sunflowers from the pomander and arranged them and hot glued them around the wreath. This picture was taken with the ribbon wrapped around the wreath, but we decided to take that part off.

Miss G will be back on Sunday so she will get to try the finished product on then.

Do you have anyone helping with your "DIY" projects?

1 comment:

KoDauk Moment said...

Cute! I can envision your wedding being such a happy place with all the 'sunshine yellow' sunflowers! Sunflowers make me happy, so ... it'll be a Happy Place! Good luck!

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