Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunflower Trials

After my successful trip to the dollar store where I found my vases I went on a search for sunflowers. I went to every grocery store in town: Albertson's, Wal-Mart, Fry's, Sam's Club ... nobody had ANY sunflowers. I was so frustrated I almost called the local florists in town Monday morning. It is a good thing I got busy and procrastinated making that call because on Thursday dear sweet Mr. B called to tell me that Fry's had sunflowers for $3.99 for 5 on sale.

After work I made a bee-line across town to the Fry's and walked out with my arms full of sunflowers. I grabbed 4 bundles of the best sunflowers for a grand total of $17. Not too shabby at all, especially since this was just a practice run. I gave mom and ring and headed over to her house to play.

So ... what did I make with my 20 sunflowers??
One short centerpiece

One tall centerpiece

and a bouquet

Here are the centerpieces side by side

I got the vases at the Dollar Store, mom got theses beads at Wal-Mart, but for the rest of the centerpieces I am going to pick up the ones at the Dollar Store. For the small centerpiece I also need to pick up real oasis because the styrofoam we used didn't hold water. I estimate that each centerpiece will cost me about $10 when I figure in the cost of the flowers. The tall centerpiece took 5 flowers and the small centerpiece is 7 (but I think 8 will look better).

After some cost comparring and calling around we are going to order the sunflowers from FiftyFlowers.com their sunflowers are $129.99 for 100 and they offer free shipping. I also found a 5% off code (BRIDE) so that takes off an additional $6.50. We will need about half for the centerpieces and then I will make my bouquet. The rest will be used on the (cup)cake table, the guest book table, around the food buffet and the bar.

I am glad that we did this trial because I was originally anticipating needing more flowers. I was trying to convince mom that we needed to order the 160 or the 200 quanity lots. Did you find that your trial run helped save you money?

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