Tuesday, July 21, 2009

To Be A Kid Again

Think back, WAY back .... you there yet???
What is your first wedding memory? Were you a flower girl in a relative's wedding? Did you go with your parent's as a family to a great big fun party with a lady in a white dress?

My first memory was my uncle's wedding. I was probably about 10 years old, and my brothers were 8. My Uncle was my mom's youngest brother, and my favorite Uncle (still is in fact). My mom and Dad were both in the wedding. I remember being in charge of the guest book table. I think I remember wearing a pink dress, but it may have been my mom where the pink dress. It was so much fun!

I know that there were other weddings before (because my mom has told me stories and I have seen pictures). There were definitely weddings after, many in fact since my mom has a big family. I am willing to bet that many of you have similar memories.

So why is it that brides today want "Adult Only" receptions and "no one under 12/18/21" (whatever the age may be)?? Do we brides forget about our earliest wedding memories? Do we get wrapped up in the "perfection" of it all, that we think kids will ruin the atmosphere? I actually saw a comment about a bride worried kids would get kool aid on her. Really??? HOW??

Obviously there will be kids at our wedding. Little A and Miss G are the first kids on the list of course. The other kids are mainly our friends' kids. Most are around the same age range as my children, with a few toddlers and babies mixed in. For guests that have asked I tell them it is up to them. If they want a night away from the kids that is fine. If they want to make it a family night, that is fine too. I just need to know a number.

We plan to make a kid table, covered in white butcher paper with cute little kiddie bags. I found the bags at Target, 3 for $1 in the perfect shade of blue. With the back to school sales I have hit, I have crayons and blank doodle pads. I also got a box of bubbles at the dollar store so the kids can have fun with those. I plan to plan FOR them, so they have a nice time as guests too. I expect there to be kids running around in the yard and on the dance floor. I am sure some may have to leave early. There maybe a few spills, or a cry here and there. Really is it gonna matter? Does it make me less married? Nope! Not at all. It is just reality.

Hello, my name is Ms. A and there will be kids at my wedding.


Krista said...

We invited close friends' kids. But not friends who we don't know as well. It was fine.

I think it's all about preference. But if you have an 8pm dinner, it might be best not to have kids. Younger kids in particular might get tired if they're up that late. It also might make sense to not include kids for a very formal wedding. (I don't know - I've never been to a very formal wedding!)

That being said, worrying about kool-aid being spilled on you is silly. Unless your friends are raising heathens who they don't teach to behave, it's not an issue.

I'm with you - kids should be welcome most of the time. Kids love weddings!

I think some brides secretly worry kids will take away from them. But most people realize that the bride & groom are central to the day. Kids amplify the day (most of the time).

Snowflake said...

I'm with you, we'll have our five kids at the wedding, so everyone else's is invited too. It'll be a blast (at last count we'll have like 30 kids at our wedding). Just think if you hadn't gone to a wedding as a little girl, where would all of your wedding dreams as a little girl have come from?

Lisa Fisher said...

Hey Amber, we just went to a wedding a few weeks ago and there was a table set up for kids there too. I thought that was a great idea!! One other thing they had for the kids was a bunch of hula-hoops. The kiddos had a GREAT time with those!--Playing around the table and on the dance floor (some of the grown-ups even enjoyed them! lol) I think you could get those cheap at the dollar store :)

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