Thursday, July 16, 2009

DIY: Escort Water Bottles?

In my effort to reduce costs and stay under budget, I have thought of another item that can pull double duty.

I am already going to have water bottles, that is going to happen regardless. It is Arizona. It is hot. People need water. It is a no-brainer.

Mom & I discussed the need for assigned seating this past week. It will help make sure everyone that RSVP's has a seat and helps us to distribute the families with kids. Which means we need to have either a seating chart with assigned tables and/or escort cards.

So, I remembered seeing an idea on one of my scrapbooking blogs a while ago and went searching for it to see how detailed the instructions were. This is the tutorial to create a water bottle tag pouch and these are her pictures:

My idea would be to simplify the top portion that goes over the bottle neck. No need for the scallop punch (especially since I don't have one). I may also remove the additional patterned paper and just keep the pouch a solid color (either blue or ivory). I can preassemble all of the pouches ahead of time and then print off the name and table number right before the wedding. I can either print onto an Avery Circle Sticker or punch them out. Either way it is very simple. I would use lemonade packs in the pouch. Now their name is on their water bottle, they have their seating assignment and their first drink to cool off. I think than is more that double duty ... it is a triple duty!


Shelby said...

This is an AWESOME idea! I love it!

Kate said...

Wow, very cute! Great way to double (triple?) up on uses - saves your guests the hassle of picking up multiple items throughout the day, plus, that water is going to be much appreciated in the heat!

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