Sunday, March 22, 2009

Decision, Decisions

This Thursday Mr. B and I go to have our E-Pics taken. I am admittedly strong arming him into this a little. He isn't really a "picture taking" kind of guy. I am insistent we have these done because we don't have that many pictures of us together. We are lucky that I have relationships with multiple photographers in town.

Our last "family" pictures were taken by William F Bulter, who has done MANY of our family pictures & events, including my kids birthday parties. He is the photographer that we have booked for our wedding day (more on that later)

He would have done our engagement photos but I wanted to use another friend that is also a local photographer. Her name is Jill and she unfortunately doesn't have a website and she no longer shoots weddings. She did however do my Senior Portraits some time ago. I was in a musical this Christmas with her. During our many rehearsals for the musical we talked about her doing our engagement photos when Mr. B popped the question. I literally called her the next morning after we got engaged! It took about a month to get our schedules coordinated, but we found a day. We have discussed the types of photo we want. I definitely stress that we want "FUN" photos. We are going to start in her photography garden that she has next to her studio. Then we will be taking some down Main Street, which has some fun fountains, a lot of architecture. Take a look:



Then as our last location we will go down to the Old Ocean to Ocean Bridge and possibly the river:


So now I have some decisions to make as far as outfits. I was gonna take pics of me IN the outfits, but Mr. B doesn't take the best pictures. You will just have to help with the use of the pictures from

{blue faux wrap top}

{brown crossover top}

both with a pair of jeans

{Stretch Bootcut Jeans}

and one of these pairs of heels

{Judy Round Toe Pump}

{American Eagle Sling Wedge}

Help me pick which tops go with which shoes. PLUS which top I should use in the garden and which one I should wear on main street/river.


melissa said...

Deciding what to wear is the hardest! I am sure you will look good no matter what. I like the navy top and the brown heels.

Jenn said...

I love your locations! I vote for the navy top too.

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

beautiful locations!

i like the brown top w/ white shoes!

Courtney B said...

My vote is for the blue shirt and the brown shoes, but I like the white shoes too. Love your location. You're going to get some great shots!

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