Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My mom is amazing

I think she will really like that post title ;)

Seriously she is awesome! My mom has always been very crafty and artistic. I remember watching her paint and make grapevine wreaths as a child, just as a small example of her creativity. What my mom is also good at is parties! She takes the ideas and makes them reality. It is SO cool. You already saw the wonderful job that she did on Mommy To Be's baby shower. Here is a sneak peak at a few of her others parties and weddings.

These were my daughter's birthday parties:
Circus Themed Birthday with a Big Top, cotton candy and clowns:

A Wild West Birthday Party complete with pony rides and hay bales:

How about a Princess Tea Party? Yes the girls are eating off real china and drinking from champange glasses!

(my daughter is the princess in the pink!)

This year's Rock Star party:

What about my son you say?
Here is his pirate party, with a homemade faux cannon and treasure hunt:

And the small but fun Mario Bros Party (I love the hats my mom made for all the kids)

You have seen her yard in a few of the above photos, it is perfect for parties because it is such a large open yard. Which is why we are using it for the wedding. Here is the yard set up for a few events:

My baby shower:

My parent's 25th Anniversary

Here are some of the detail shots I took at my brother's wedding in 2006. They had a Napa Valley wedding. Didn't the cake turn out great? They bought a simply decorated white cake from the bakery and my mom special ordered those gum paste grapes and decorated the cake herself.

Most tables were long banquet tables. She used long garland and then arranged the champange flutes that were filled with the purple wrapped Hershey Kisses.

The guest book table:

Part of the buffet table decor. Mom did the arrangement of ivy & grapes herself

The family tables and sweet heart table. The glass urns had lights in the bottom for some extra twinkle once it got darker.

I don't have digital pictures of my 1st wedding or my other brother's Hometown Reception, but they were done just as beautifully. I really have no doubt that mom will be able to help execute all of the wedding ideas Mr. B and I have in our heads.

Do you have a craft friend or family member that is helping with decorations and planning?


AmyJean said...

What a great blog! Thanks for stopping by mine. I've got you on my blog roll so i will def. be stay posted with yours! :)

. said...

You are right your mom is super talented. I hope Maddy has so many fond memories of me when she grows up. What a great team you two are!!

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