Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Made By Mom: The DIY Ceremony Arch

Even though I was content to just stand on the deck and get married, my mom (knowing better) decided we needed some kind of arch. We had previously tried ordering one online that my mom liked, but shipping was more than the price of the arch. We went to the local rental company and the only one we kind of liked was still $50 just to rent. My mom came up with a plan while at Lowes ... She would MAKE one. Yes, we had a DIY (by Mom) arch for our ceremony.

You already saw the silk/dry floral arrangement that mom made.

Here is how she made the arch for the arrangement to go on.
3 - sections of wood trellis from Lowes $12.50 each
white spray paint $4.50 each
Dad's nail gun
heavy gauge wire

Using the spray paint she coated all sides of all 3 panels. I believe 1 can was more than enough to complete the task.

She took the arrangement that she made and using heavy gauge wire attached it to one section of trellis across the front. That became to top of the "arch"

Next Dad stepped in with the nail gun. He set the top portion on the deck and arranged the two sides while it was laying down. The nature of the pattern in the trellis made it easy to get the sides even. He put a few nails in at the top to secure it. We then lifted the arch into place on the deck.

After a few minor adjustments to make sure it was even in the corner, he put a few nails in to hold the arch against the railing and then a few at the bottom to hold it down on the deck.

This is how the arch looks in place. The little white table is where the vases for the sand ceremony will be.

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