Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Countdown: Seating Chart woes

This brings us to Monday before the wedding. Projects were either getting completed or thrown out. One project that I had to get finished and NOT throw out was the seating chart and water bottle place cards.

I had been using Martha Stewart Wedding's seating chart program and it was working perfectly ... expect I kept getting late RSVP's. Just when I thought it was done and I was ready to print, someone would email or call in a change. I was getting VERY frustrated. Finally on Monday I had to create my seating chart.

The Martha Stewart Wedding program online generated an excel list of my guests in a custom report and emailed it to me. All I had to do was copy each table of guests into my photoshop document, one group at a time. I used the same background graphics from my Photobooth Poster. In no time I was done. I saved my file and uploaded it to Staples, just like I did before. Only this time something went wrong!

When I went in to pick up my poster it was shrunk down and illegible because the font had become SO small. The Staples associates where very nice. They told me just to come back with my file on a flash drive. I drove home, saved the file to my flash drive and took it back. There was a customer before me, but the manager took my flashdrive and saved my file to the computer and said it would be ready in an hour or so.

Unfortunately I did NOT make it back that afternoon. Or the next day ... or the NEXT day! Yikes. Before I knew it I still hadn't picked up the seating chart on the morning of the wedding!!! I left time in my schedule Saturday morning to swing by and pick it up on the way to my hair appointment. I walked in, gave the associate my name and he pulled out my poster. It was the correct size. It was legible. BUT Somehow the colors had been distorted :( The associate had no idea how it happened. Instead of tans and blues and oranges .... everything had a greenish tint! I had to use it :( I had no choice, no back up. It was this or nothing (and I couldn't have nothing.)

Honestly I am sure nobody noticed, since the 2 signs were not together. Only I know that they were made to match. It is still one of the things that I wish I had NOT procrastinated.

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