Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Countdown: The Kids help too!

Monday (T- Minus 5 days) was also Labor day. I didn't have work and the kids didn't have school. While my mom and I worked around the outside of the house, the kids swam in the pool (and the hired cleaning lady cleaned the inside of the house). When my dad got home from work, he started on his "To Do" list. The most important thing to get done was to seal the Teak table that my mom got this summer. They had not put it together or used it because of all the other wedding preparations. Now the table had to be sealed because we needed to use it for the food buffet at the wedding.

Since the seal was simply teak oil that had to be "painted" on the table, my dad let the kids help. They put on a plastic glove, grabbed a foam brush and got to work. My dad gave them the task of getting into all the little groves and corners his hands would not fit into. It worked out really well.

We ate on that very table Thursday night, Friday night and the used it for the wedding on Saturday. It is fun that they kids will always have the memory of contributing something to the wedding.

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