Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Countdown: Landscaping, the bark will fix it

As my mom said that last week ... bark fixes (and covers up) anything! For less that $4 a bag it is a very easy and inexpensive way to cover up plain dirt areas in the yard and fill in between the more expensive greenery.

Saturday and Sunday before the wedding we spent working in the yard. Unloading the plants, arranging them around the yard and filling in the rest of the areas with bark.

The front entrance to the yard:

The walkway leading to the ceremony/back porch. You can also see the Shepard Hooks that we had arranged in this photo as well.

Plants replace the blue barrels around the center post on the back porch.

My Mom's second time saving tip ... don't take the plants out of the black plastic containers. With only 6 days till the wedding the plants did not need to be planted directly in the ground. This saved us HOURS of work. We simply made a small hole to stabilize the plastic container in the dirt, then we put bark around to cover the container. There was actually less of a change of the plants dying, all they needed was regular watering.

The beginning of a seating area to block guests from walking off the pathway and possibly getting hurt. Those palms won't stay there so we just removed the labels from the plants and the rest of the seating area covered the pots.

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