Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Home Wedding: The House Prep

Part of getting married at a private home involves prepping the property for the high amount of people AND cleaning things up more than normal because there will be pictures taken of the property.

When my parent's arrived back from vacation we had 11 days until the wedding. The DIY efforts turned to yard prep and were kicked into high gear. Here are some of the work in progress photos.

The front door we will make our grand entrance from:

The yard where the tents will go

The walkway to the ceremony site/back porch

The back porch:

Where we will stand for the ceremony:

We also started the transformation of the car port into the "Necessary Room" where the port-a-potty would go.

We hung a LARGE mirror on the cabinets to give the guests a place to check their makeup and hair.

My dad pulled out the demo sink cabinet that he had made for a home show display for our business. We cleaned it up, added the soap dispenser from my mom's old kitchen sink and then hooked it up the water supply with a garden hose. Now our guests had a fully functioning sink! All that is left is hanging lattice behind the sink once the port-a-potty arrived.

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