Monday, July 13, 2009

DOC Problem Solved

I wrote last week about the DOC I met with and how I desperately wished that I could hire her. Well, today I had to write the email and tell her that I would not be able to hire her. Yes, I chickened out. I probably should have called, but most of our conversations had been by email. My email was short and sweet, I thanked her for the time she spent with me, and promised to pass on her info to other.

On a positive DOC note, I have a friendor that has stepped in and offered us her services. This friend rocks my socks. She was a concierge at a big fancy schmancy hotel in L.A., has been a club promoter, runs 2 family businesses. Plus she has recently gotten married, so she understands my stresses first hand now.

We will officially meet to go over wedding plans later this week. She is literally only a DOC, but we will need to meet a few times between then & now to make sure we go over all the details before the day of.

This makes it official, ALL of our vendors are friendors!

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