Monday, July 13, 2009

DIY: (cup)Cake Stands

This weekend Mom & I had a mission to figure out the cupcake table.

Armed with the tutorial and some finds from the Salvation Army, the Dollar Store and the clearance aisle at Wal-Mart plus a bottle of Liquid Nails, we went to work. We started laying out the multiple stands we will need to hold our cupcakes.

After deciding which plate looked best with each vase/base we decided we needed a few more than we bought supplies for. That is when I raided mom's crystal cabinet and grabbed her 2 cake stands. One is from Princess House from when I was a consultant:

We decided that our cutting cake would look perfect on this stand.

The other one looks just like the other DIY Stands. Can you tell which of the cake stands (behind the Princess House cake stand) is the "real" one?

Here is the table all set. There are 6 cake stands and then 4 flat plates. The front cake stand is where our cutting cake will be. The other 5 stands (4 DIY and 1 real) are for the cupcakes, as are the flat plates. If our estimates are correct this will hold about 50 cupcakes, so the table will need to be restocked as our guests are eating the cupcakes. With so many stands we left the decor simple. A few sunflowers and then a couple handfulls of blue crystal vase beads. We may add a few votives as well in the middle of the table.

Here are my pictures from following this tutorial

1. I cleaned everthing with a vinegar windex

2. I matched up the base and the plate and opened up the Liquid Nails

3. I applied a very thin layer along the bottom of the sundae cup

4. Turned the cup upside down and centered in on the bottom of the plate.

5. I wiped off any glue that squeezed out

6. Repeat steps 1-5 with another base and plate

7. Display

Under $10 for all the supplies we had to purchase!!


Snowflake said...

Those are really cute. We're still trying to decide how we want ours displayed.

melissa said...

These look great!

DOM said...

Genius!! What a fantastic idea! That way no 2 cake stands are alike! great post!

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