Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DIY: Pomander - Part 2

I last left off the DIY Pomander with the flowers drying.

As I was gluing the sunflowers into the ball I noticed that I had a few small "bare spots." Not too many really, and probably only noticeable to me LOL. I thought of an idea to try and add more blue and camouflage those spots though.

I had purchased the thinnest blue ribbon to use in my daughter's floral fairy wreath (tutorial to come!). I made 3 nice sized loops with an 6-8" piece of ribbon and poked a pin thru all the layers like this:

Then I coated the pin with my glue and carefully stuck it into one of the spaces between the flowers.

I randomly added these around the ball, just using my eye to space them evenly apart. Not too many, just enough to give the splash of blue color with the sunflowers.

Once all my sunflowers were securely glued in place I was able to take the next step ... the ribbon handle. I was fully prepared to figure it out by trial & error, when I saw Miss Mascara's tutorial on Weddingbee. She didn't provide pictures so I still had to figure a little bit out, but I DID take pictures to show you. The following is an excerpt of Miss Mascara's instructions (posted with permission) with my pictures & commentary .

Cut a slit in the bare spot of the ball to attach the ribbon. Make sure the slit is as wide as your ribbon width so it fits properly.
I used my scissors and kind of cut/carved my slit

Fold your ribbon in half. Measure the desired length of your wrist strap from the folded end (mine is about 6″). Mark this spot
. I used a straight pin to mark my spot and made my handle slightly longer

Fill the slit with hot glue.
Used my tacky glue just like I did with the flowers.

Place the marked portion of your ribbon into the slit on the ball. Do not put the folded end or the two open ends into the slit, only your wrist strap marks. You are basically just gluing in a little fold at that mark to hold the ribbon in place.
I used my scissors to really push it down into the styrofoam.

For good measure, stick a few straight pins in on an angle to make sure the ribbon doesn’t fall out if the pomander is whipped around (it is for a little girl to carry after all, this will probably happen).
I used 4-5 pins going straight down into the slit and then about 3 on each side going in at an angle

After the glue is dry, take your two open ribbon ends and tie a bow with the folded wriststrap coming out of the top of the bow.

Trim the ends of the ribbon as desired.
I folded the ends of the ribbon in half and cut on an angle to create an inverted V. I need to seal the ends with a little clear nailpolish so the ribbon doesn't fray.

Have you found any useful tutorials on Weddingbee?


holly p said...

Thanks so much Amber for posting pictures for the tutorial! I'll make a link on that post to your pics so people can follow them!

Your pomander is adorable, I love how the little blue ribbons add an extra pop of color! Great job!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Those look great!

honey my heart said...

wow the pomander turned out really wonderful!! great job :)

Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

Love this! My other theme for the engagement part was "Sunflower Summer" and if she picked that, I was TOTALLY going to do these!

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