Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dolly Dress: My Dress is BACK!!!

Let's see, where did I last leave off??? Oh! Yes. My dress was WRONG and I had to send it back :( I admit that I stalled when it came to sending back my dress. I just didn't want to put it back in the box and ship it off. My mom told me to basically suck it up and get it in the box already. So I did.

They redid the petticoat on my dress in lightening fast time. From the moment I sent off my dress to getting it back was about a week. No Joke! The blue petticoat is now the proper shade of blue and the petticoat reaches the hem of the dress (it didn't before). I am still not totally happy with the design of the petticoat. I think the fullness is hitting me in the worst/heaviest part of my body ... right around my hips. I did get the extra blue netting with my dress when I got it back so I may be able to have the seamstress fix that portion to help slim my hips a bit.

There will be more to this dress saga LOL. Stay tuned for the next alteration appointment, where I will be getting a second opinion.

What part of your wedding has become more time consuming than you anticipated?

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D. Marie said...

I would love to see the dress on you! Im a little nervous about when my dress comes in too. Im still losing weight and im between a size 16 and 14 in pants/shorts and everyone said that dresses were bigger sizes than your actual. And I know my dress is a womans size in the Allure style so I think that may help too. But they ordered me a 14 and im still trying to get rid of some of this tummy I thats the most time consuming...trying to work out or thinking about working out! LOL!

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