Friday, July 3, 2009

On the hunt

Last night I was sitting in my parent's kitchen before dinner. Out of the blue I was struck with inspiration! (Don't you just love it when that happens) You see my mom has a small collection of blue glass jars on the ledge behind her sink.


Mom's collection is NOT that big ... but look at that vibrant color ... the texture ... the different shapes. Yes ... I am now on the hunt for cobalt blue glass bottles and jars. How beautiful is this:


perfect, right?

I have posted on my local freecycle & craiglist. I will be hitting up the Goodwill, the Salvation Army and any other thrift store I can find around town. If I only find a few I will reserve the "look" for the photobooth/guestbook table. If I can find enough I may have changed my idea for the centerpieces. It is easy to do since the flowers are DIY!

Where did you get the inspiration for your centerpieces?


samiam4eva06 said...

That's totally cute!! I love it!

Sweet Tooth said...

I'm still on the search for blue mason jars.

D. Marie said...

The blue looks great with the sunflowers. I was online and thought of adding another color to our just blue and white wedding and I saw some calla lilies and lemons and thought...YELLOW!! And your picture proves again for me how great blue and yellow look together!

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