Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Home Wedding: Laying it all out

I had been wondering how to make a layout of our "venue" (a.k.a my parent's yard). I needed to be able to show the rental people where the 3 canopy tents would go. I needed to have something to show the DOC when I go meet with her so that she knows where everything is going to go. Just basic logistics really. I had been hand drawing stuff, but I really needed something to scale.

Enter my mom with her handy dandy Total 3D Home Deluxe computer program. My parent's have been in a never ending remodel and mom has used this program for years nows. When I told her what I wanted to do, she jumped on her program and started mapping it out. Yesterday she sent me two files, one of the yard and one with the layout for the back patio.

Here is the yard/reception area:

The 2 blue "tent" squares are where the tables will be going. The rental company already told us that 4 round tables fit in each so I found this layout online to help with the table placement and eventual seating chart:

This is what the tents look like from the outside:

We will be seating 10 at each round table, and I was told that our tents do not have the center pole like the first diagram so we will have a little extra room.

Here is the ceremony site:

All the red squares are the white folding chairs we are renting. We I have decided that there will be 50 chairs and the rest of our guests will be standing. It is a short ceremony, I promise. Mr. B doesn't like this idea. I really don't see any other way. We don't want to rent more chairs. We don't want to have to move chairs from the ceremony location to the reception tents. We also don't really have the room.

Do you think half our guests will mind standing? Would you be offended if you had to stand? I have been causally passing the word that this is the case, just so there is not a surprise.

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Adelaide said...

That is wonderful Amber!!! AND holy crap, your parents have a HUGE yard!!!

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