Monday, February 27, 2012

An Easter Hunt and Brunch

Everyone will arrive at about 11am and will be asked to bring a brunch item.  I think making this party a pot luck will free me from trying to pull it all together.  I’m thinking homemade cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit, egg casseroles, yummy salads, muffins.  Also, for each child participating in the egg hunt, they must bring 12 pre-filled eggs. 

Then around noon we can send the men out to hide the eggs around our yard.  Since the kids span an array of ages, dividing up the kids in age groups and sectioning off the hunting areas will be a must.  The kids who are 3 and under will hunt close to the house, then kids 4-6 hunt in another area, and 7 and up get the more difficult area.

Our yard is perfect for this. Our guest could be encouraged to bring a picnic blanket to spread out. We can do a craft while the men hide. Many possibilities, like some of these….

From the Party Animal

“Take 6 Plastic Easter Eggs and write the letters to spell out EASTER. Make one set for each of the kids. I then had enough prizes for each of them set aside – we had 4 kids so 4 prizes, all different and worth different values. Then there were tons of other Solid Colored Easter Eggs that had some special Candies and Money in them that my sister in law wanted to fill.  We mixed them all up and hid them in the yard.

The hunt was on… each of them had to find all the eggs to spell out EASTER and line them up in a designated area. They could only bring back one lettered egg at a time. The first one to spell it out had first dibs at the prizes and so on down the line. The kids had fun and it added another fun element to collecting those eggs.

From Little Heroes,  hers is like the one above but more challenging. Might work great for the 7 and up hunters.

Easter 'Scrabble' hunts

“Paint a different letter on each egg hidden for the hunt. The children then use the eggs they find to make as many words as they can. You can hide "bonus" blank letter eggs that the kids can use like the 'blank' tiles in Scrabble.
The child who can make up the most words with their eggs, wins a prize.”

From Sew Many Ways

“To make the egg hunt fair for everyone, I have always color coded each child. Each person picks what color they want and that's the color they have to hunt for. To help them remember what color they have, I've given them baskets or bags that match their color."

“This year I made them buckets...recycling style.”


I REALLY liked this idea for the 4-6 year olds.

Then there’s this from Busy Bee Lifestyle

The Golden Egg

  • This is an idea where one or two golden eggs are hidden along with the plain plastic eggs.  The finders of the golden eggs receive a special, larger prize.
  • DON’T do this!  As the parent of 2 crying children at last year’s hunt, one of whom was knocked over by a more aggressive hunter, the golden egg is not worth it’s weight in gold!

I don’t think there will be any golden eggs in this hunt.

Well that is a start.

Stay tuned for more idea’s on what might just become Our Annual Egg Hunt.


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