Monday, July 11, 2011

Do You Recycle?


Not like aluminum or glass!

Party Props!

I’m sure you have if your like us!

Back in January we had a NASCAR Party (post to come soon) and I made pompoms for my light. Thank God I made them because they would save us down the road….


Anthony turns 9 037

In February I threw up the lilac ones for one of the granddaughters birthday…


February 2011 096

I used the yellow ones for Easter and Mother Day tables but for some reason (we all know why) I don’t have pictures.

Then for the 4th of July, I whipped them out again, using the red and the blue to add some festivity to an unplanned celebration….


July 2011 067a

It might be time to retire these recycled pompoms! They can only be flattened and puffed out so many times before they start to tear. I bet I could get some more mileage on them though…we’ll see if they make it to another party. We still have 4 more grandchildren's whose Birthdays are coming up and since life around here lately has been unpredictable, they might just come in handy again.


1 comment:

Leslie said...

In theory I’m all about recycling party items, but for some reason I keep refusing to re-use items lately. My wallet will definitely be putting the kebash on that soon!

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