Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gentlemen…Start Your Engines!

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Boogity, Boogity, Boogity…let’s go racin boys!


Anthony turns 9 037


We had a blast putting this party together.

The concession stand was one of our make it from what you got cuz I don’t feel up to shopping creations! We had seen many ways of doing this and had intentions of attempting at least one of them but things just didn’t go that way. The valance was an old white sheet I cut to the size I wanted, allowing for it to fold over the rod, painted on the words and hung the rod on top of the curtain rods of the bay window.


 5460006115_ca58a07398_b5459960821_01636ca633_bAnthony turns 9 008 

Again we used that table hubby made me oh so long ago…like a couple years actually. We use it for just about everything now. With sheets from the linen closet I created the table cover and skirt. The gas signs are bandana’s pinned to a foam board. I used color matching photo boxes for the chips and kettle corn. It needed some other color so I found wrapping paper to make flags from and added it to the warmer as well. Found rick rack in the sewing cabinet and with double sided tape added some color.


The favors….Anthony turns 9 015

                      Anthony turns 9 012Anthony turns 9 0165460734294_7bef9ececc_b


Thank you Wypall for all the bags, Sprint for the lanyards, O’Rielly for all the pens and stickers, Lucas for the chap sticks, and gee, there were just so many race vendors that gave us supplies the list would be so long!. One cool thing was the kids  got Green Lantern posters and tattoo's as they had revealed the car and movie at the races that weekend. Oh and my daughter made those authentic looking pit passes.


Beverages were served out side by where the  kids table to eat was set up. Everyone complemented my daughter on the use of the gas can for the beverages. DO NOT use used ones. We bought new one and washed them before using.


The table was simple and the center piece was a last minute put together. Fish bowl, flags and some tissue paper is all it was and took all of about 5 minutes to put together.     


Anthony turns 9 020

 Anthony turns 9 061 


I had an old Kevin Harvick stand-up that I cut the head off. Using a chair to help support it as well as a place to kneel or for some stand, it helped get their head to fit in the right place.


Anthony turns 9 059









They really had a lot of fun with it. 

 Anthony turns 91


Once their photo was taken it was time to create their frame while I printed out the pictures.


Anthony turns 9 022 5460110441_dc6151249e_b5460088289_b9b90bfdee_b5460713678_429150134c_b    5460095037_9ce5091127_b


There was also wood race cars to paint thinking maybe they could use them along with the frame, like a 2 dimension thing, but they kind of just did their own thing with all the supplies provided. All the pictures had magnets attached to the back for displaying on the fridge at home.

While I finished up attaching the pictures to the drying frames they all went out to the lawn where grandpa had painted an outline of a track. With a green flag they were off participating in a number of different foot race games. When the checker flag was thrown each winner won a trip to the prize table…


Anthony turns 9 025 

The cars and sticks up front on the table were used for one of the races they had on the track. All the supplies came from the NASCAR race we went to last November. If you haven’t figured it out, we are HUGE fans and have been season ticket holders at PIR (Phoenix International Raceway) since 1996. For our grandsons 5th birthday we took him to his first race and created the next generation of fans because he goes every year now. Now we take 5 of the grandchildren and their parents and…ok, I am going off the party here. If you want to see life outside of partying, check out my personal blog, Our Journey Through LIFE!

After games came gifts…

 Anthony turns 9 086


…and cake…

   Anthony turns 9 083


Ok, we cheated here! With a first trimester momma and an under the weather grandma, and usually the cake is NOT something we skimp on, but when the birthday boy saw this cake and liked it, we made it work.

It’s great to put the work into a party when it creates happy guest…

   Anthony turns 9 044 

We now throw the checker flag on this NASCAR race party.


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