Monday, July 11, 2011

LIFE’s Been a Party!


I have a number (ok, a lot!) of post to get together of parties we managed to do in between our craziness. Before I do that though, I wanted to explain where we have been and what we have been doing. I wish I could say we were off on some world cruise…!

With the news of our daughter expecting in November, we knew then the roller coaster we just climbed on. Our daughter does not carry a child well. It’s like her body thinks the baby is a foreign object or something. What we didn’t know then was that this would be the first of what was to come.



In December, an MRI of our son’s pelvic showed a LARGE growth.  Already being hit by that bug back then that kicked ones butt, this news left me numb. I have been on this roller coaster before, happy on one hand (A new baby on the way), sad on the other hand (for what we know is ahead)!It is possible this news and the worries made that bug linger around. I was just zapped! Had no idea then it would be months before we knew exactly what we were dealing with and the news was not good. An osteochondoroma had transformed into a Chondrosacoma and the journey ahead was going to be rough one. In April they removed the LARGE  tumor, and our son’s leg was saved, a rare thing with this type of cancer, but it hasn’t been easy for him. he is now learning to walk again and is driven to be back on the fire truck by next month. I think he can, I think he can….If you knew our son, this is a possibility. While in rehab when something new was introduced, he would say, I think I can or I can try….it was NEVER I can’t, I don’t want to…So yes, I think he can!


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Dealing with his cancer and our daughters high risk pregnancy, we were bouncing back and forth like a tennis ball. Here for her, there for him, and in between we had birthdays, showers, and a birth. I’ll let my daughter share her birth story but for this mom, is was scary and after having gone through what we have with our son, the feeling of losing my daughter, well, let’s just say I WANT OFF THIS RIDE!


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LIFE has been a party though and I will get to sharing those here soon. Elizabeth


AmieAnn said...

It's funny how life sometimes give you more than you think you can handle.. and then God handles the rest. Sounds like you were a strong woman through all of this and a rock for your kids.. they are lucky to have you. I understand the rollercoaster feeling.. as a few years back my son who was 18 months was bit by a dog and had 4 surgeries to repair the damage, my house was unfinished, my other two kids still had to commute to school everyday and my hubby was busy working on the house. Always amazed at what we can handle! Hope things get easier for you!

Leslie said...

So sorry to hear that things have been so difficult for you. So glad to hear that your son is working through it and that your daughter came through her high risk pregnancy. I often think of the phrase ‘It has to get worse before it can get better’ and it sounds like you are finally on the getting better end. Hugs and prayers your way!

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