Wednesday, September 22, 2010

“Party Ideas” Challenge

Perfect…a party idea challenge by…

…and wouldn't you know, I am putting together 2 parties for next month.

Most  have submitted party idea’s they already have done. I on the other hand will submit one that shows what I am planning and the steps it takes for us to create a great party.

The first one is for a wonderful ladies 25th birthday and not only will we be celebrating but will also have a concert. Her hubby plays in a band and so he wants to serenade her. How sweet!

So a theme board is the first thing constructed.

Party Ideas

We just got through throwing a Rock Baby/BaBy-Q Shower, so a few of the items will be reused for this party.  The table covers will be yellow and orange, so we can reuse them for the Boo Bash, and the water bottles will get labels celebrating her 25th. This function will be at night, and I have these perfect black tea lamps that will be perfect for the centerpiece's and blend well with the cardboard notes spread around the table.

To set the mood for the outdoor concert on the lawn, complete with lawn chairs and blankets, above the seating area will be the lanterns we used for our daughters wedding. Changing out the blue light to an orange one will work for the Concert Party, as it will for the Halloween Boo Bash. Also the pom-pom's will work great for her party and we will reuse them the following week.

I'm sure all our guest will have a really nice time, enjoying some awesome music and friends.

Happy 25th "T"!

So back to the oven I go to make a few more of these…

Party Weekend 052ed

For directions on how to make them, click here here.

The next week we will be holding our 2nd Annual Halloween Boo Bash. Once again, a theme board is created. Though I would love to change it out, my budget this year is limited, so we will reuse again.

Halloweeen Boo Bash Theme Board

Using a lot of our decorations from last year, or even from other parties, will eliminate buying a lot of new things. Of course we will need plastic table covers that I pick up from the dollar store, treats, and maybe some other items to make the gala a notch better. One of our new things this year will be the Skull Putt-Putt my hubby will make for me. Having wood products left over from our remodel really helps, and an example of how to use what you have.

To see what else we plan to do check it out here.

I have been doing parties on a budget - that looked like I spent a fortune, since my kids were little. Back then we didn't have the internet or blogs to feed our imagination. Now I get to enjoy seeing how creative and enthused my daughter is to follow in my foot steps. The creativity has been passed on to all my children in one way or another, and they are now passing that creativity along to their children. It's become a Family Tradition to create all these wonderful parties. With eight grandchildren spanning most of the year, we get to create some really awesome celebrations for each of them. Toss in Baby Shower's, Easter, 4th of July, and Halloween, to name a few, the parties flow from one to the next. It is always a blessing to create these events for them, to see the joy on their faces, celebrating the family God has given us.

As I have said, reusing our party supplies really helps on the budget. Buy in bulk, buy on sale or clearance, tuck it away in a tub till needed. There is always a party around the corner at this house.

With good planning, anyone can create a memory without breaking the bank.

It’s all in the planning!


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PartyMom said...

These are some great ideas...I absolutely love the LPs turned into snack bowls!

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