Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Preparing For Our 2nd Annual Boo Bash!

Last year we had so much fun putting this together, that we plan to do something's the same, while adding some new things this year.

One of our new treats will be these cute little witches...

These came from Taste of Home, and will be a perfect addition to our bash. Also new will be witches broom treat bags, and witch popcorn balls that I found at Martha Stewart, they will tie in great with our Witch’s Wands we made last year and will do again this year.

Instead of our treat table being a covered up hutch,

It will go in the window where we had the candy buffet for the BaBy-Q Shower, using that table hubby made for me.

We will also get to actually use the dining room table for food this year. Some of our favorites will include the Candy Corn Pizza we did last year. It is so simple to make and who doesn’t like cheese pizza.                                       Parties 002ed Of course it will go along with the Mummy Dogs and Bone Bread Sticks we served . Last year I didn’t make enough so I will be making more this year so we don’t run out.


They were a big hit and thanks to Best Bites who had some really great food ideas last year. I can't wait to see what she comes up with this year. After all, one never has enough food with all the hungry ghouls and goblins running around.

Another new thing will be the pom-pom's that were so simple to make for the baby shower. Only this time I will use three colors to create these. My apologize to the creator of them. I forgot to copy her link.

They will hang perfectly over the craft table that I cover using $1 store table covers cut to resemble candy corn.  Last year they made scarecrows, paper plate pumpkins, and decorate their own goody bag.

It will surely make a festive craft spot where the kids will get to paint their own pumpkins this year along with decorating their own candy bar bag. Our guest always seem to go home with lots of goodies. Not nutritious, but surely a lot of fun. Who needs to go trick–or–treating after they have been to our party!

With a completed dining room this year I will enjoy decorating it where I don't have to figure out how to cover up construction. This was our space last year. There were wires hanging from the ceiling that the cheese cloth ghost covered up, unfinished walls that made it feel kind of like a haunted house, and no flooring, just subfloor. It really did make it easy actually. No furniture allowed us so much space, we even had a cake walk around the goody bar. This year the cake walk will go outside. My hubby made the wheel for the cake walk for me. It turned out great and it worked out quite well. Even the cake walk will be able to be expanded out there. What else will be outside? There is a ghoulish corner where they will bob for apples and the opposite corner has a pumpkin toss (bean bags) game.

This year one of our new games will be a Skull Putt-Putt game.


My hubby will cut me out a huge skull and we’ll place it behind one of our tailgate bean bag toss games, which will give us a small ramp. It won’t be as good as this one, but it will work just fine. We’ll cover the ramp and a runway with fake grass and even add 2x4’s to the sides. The object will be to putt their ball into his open mouth without falling into the hole on the ramp.

We will also revise our Witches Brew (we used popcorn instead of water) race. The problem we had was with the dish we used to transport her brew. This year we will find a deeper container so we don’t have popcorn everywhere and they make it to the end with more then a couple kernels. 

Time to pull out the Halloween boxes and plan our map of ghoulish games and stations.

Wait till you see how we pull it off this year!



Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

What an amazing party! The food looks great. Love the candy corn pizza idea. :) Thanks for the visit today!

Amanda @ Heart Tree Home said...

Such a great party! I love the candy corn pizza idea... I was having trouble coming up with halloween dishes that were "real food" and not just 50 bazillion desserts!

Thanks for the visit!

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