Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Halloween Treat bags

Martha Stewart has some great idea's for favor/treat bags. Whenever we throw a party, Martha seems to show up in one way or another. So these are my favorites:

Witch's Broom

I loved this one so much, I actually made a sample. Kind of a trial run to see if I could do it. It was so simple so I shot the few stages it took to create it. Now I only have to make 11 more.
All you need is 2 bags per broom.
Punch out the bottom of the first bag, creating a triangle at the bottom.
This is the bag that will be the broom. Make thin cuts down to the base of the bag. There is no need to make perfect straight cuts, it is an old broom.

Take the second bag and cut strips down about 2 inches to form fringe as well.
Add your treat to this bag.

Place the treat bag on top of the first bag. Pull the fringe from the first bag up over the treat bag. Gather at the top and secure with a rubber band. The rubber band holds it while you wrap and tie the black twine around it. I just covered the rubber band with the twine.


I used a longer stick and actually pushed it through the rubber banded top till it touched the bottom. I found that only inserting part way made the bag top heavy. This way it became more stable and didn't try to fall over.
I Love how they came out.

Paper-Mache Treat Balls

I LOVE these...

And Martha's direction's make it seem so simple to make. I will have to try these also.

Her directions say to cover a small balloons with one layer of orange tissue paper and then one layer of yellow. To add the embellishment just cut out your shapes using black tissue paper, and attach them with diluted glue. When they are dry, enlarge the hole which is made by the knot of the balloon. Use a utility knife, then finish with scissors. Make a decent size hole so your treat fit through it. Once you have your party favors inside, paste a circle of orange tissue paper over the hole.


Halloween Crackers

We always have Christmas Crackers on our table and the kids love them.
Not sure we will make these for our party but I thought they were so cute.
If you like them, hop on over to Martha’s and see how she does it.


Goody Witches

I love these witches and who doesn't like popcorn ball.
It's been years since I have made popcorn balls and I will let you know how they turn out.
If I flop them, there are store bought ones available.
I think they will make a great addition to our treat table.

With all these cute little treats, any one of our Halloween party guest would be so happy and would love to take them home.


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

love the crackers...I've been saving toilet paper rolls for a while (got a few other families to help out too). I'm going to use them as favors at our Halloween party. Cheap and easy :)

Letti said...

I love all of your fun ideas. Those witches are adorable. I think you blog is adorable.

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