Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ghostly Chair Covers

Last Year when my daughter and I put together our 1st Boo bash I had found these cute chair covers from somewhere but for the life of me I can’t remember.

Parties 005ed

They are so, no sew, simple to make.

All you need are white pillow cases and a black fabric maker or two.

Put the pillow case over the back of the chair and mark where one side touches the seat. Remove it and cut across to remove this section of fabric. To finish the edge you can use iron on hem tape (my favorite thing) or sew it, or not, leaving a rough edge. it is your choice.

Place it back on the chair when finished. Out of wax paper, craft paper, printer paper, what ever you have available, cut your eyes. Position the pattern on the pillow where and how you are happy with them. Remove the case from the chair and insert a piece of cardboard inside the case where the eyes are pinned in place. Trace around the patterns then remove the pattern and finish by coloring in the eyes. .

That is all there is to it.
 Parties 003ed
Then I thought, why not cover the bar stools. Each bar stool required two cases. Placing one on top of the other, then cutting at the side seams to fan over the legs. Position the top case so that it has the second case showing where your cut was. Do the same thing as with the chairs. Position your eyes where you want them on the top case and paint them in. I didn’t finish my raw edges but you can if you want.

I think I am going to go out a get a few orange cases and turn them into pumpkins for the kid size chairs. There are so many other possibilities, just let your imagination go with it.

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The Party Animal said...

Those are great - what a fun idea and the kids get into making them too - love !!!

Claudia @ Tini Posh said...

LOVE these!!

Katie said...

LOVE the ghost chair covers!

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