Monday, September 14, 2009

Dolly Dress: The final conclusion

After getting a fews commenst about wanting to know how everything turned out, I have decided to write out my story with Dolly Couture and my "custom" dress.

After my last post with the 2nd seamstress I hoped that I would show up and magically find all the flaws worked out of my dress. I did not :( I put on my dress and mom zipped it up. My arms easily fit in the arm holes thanks to the magic of the seamstress. Unfortunately, the shoulders still felt like they were falling down most of the time. The bust was sewn/tacked together but it is still SO low cut. I am afraid to move around the kids because I think someone is gonna get a full view of the girls.

Mom and I tried to pull the bust together, but it wouldn't move anymore. I have room to take the waist in also, but the zipper won't be able to move if we take it in. I did not feel thinner or pretty or beautiful in my dress. I felt like I had no waist and a big butt in my dress.

I wrote Dolly one more time. After sending some more pictures and expressing my frustrations, I got an email back from her. She offered to have a new dress made for me. At first I didn't think it would work. There would be NO time for alterations, because at the time of the email I only had about 25 days till the wedding! She asked for ALL of my measurements, and I stopped at the seamstress and had them taken professionally so there was NO mix up at all. I had told Dolly in one of my last emails that I had expected my dress to look like the Beverlywood dress because that design had been based on the sketch she had made for me. Instead of recreating my first dress again (which obviously had fatal flaws IMO) she offered to have the Beverlywood dress made for me to my exact measurements. The only custom alteration would be to add my blue netting under the dress.

To say I was worried was an understatement. I was a ball of nerves until that new dress arrived. In my paniced state I even ordered a dress from David's Bridal in hopes that I would have SOMETHING to wear.

The new dress arrived on Septemeber 5th. Exactly 1 week before the wedding. I rushed to my mom's where the box had been delivered and opened the box. I pulled out the pink packing tissue and grabbed the hanger with the garment bag. I think I ran to the bed room and opened up the bag to get my first peak at the dress. It looked beautiful on the hanger. I carefully put the dress on and then called my kids in to help with the zipper. It went up perfectly and fit like a glove. I fell in love the INSTANT I saw my reflection.

This had been the moment I was waiting for. I had found my dress ... I had found my Bridal Glow. It was time to begin the countdown of my last week as a single/divorced mom with 2 kids. Join me on my journey thru the last week. It was a whirlwind!


Snowflake said...

I'm glad you found your glow! can't wait for the recaps, but it sounds like you had a bad experience with the photographer according to WeddingBee. That really sucks.

Kate said...

Hi Amber!

I found your blog via Weddingbee and I love all of your wedding details. We have a lot in common too - I am a single mom and I have found forever love with a wonderful man. We are engaged and probably going to tie the knot next month! Are you going to be selling any of your sunflower decor or any of your other supplies? I love the sunflowers! I also can't wait to see pics of your dress and how everything came together on your wedding day.

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