Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Countdown begins!

The last few weeks before the wedding was a whirlwind. I am sure many brides would agree. As a mom as well I not only hand the wedding and word to juggle, I also had the kids and their schedule and activities. Add into the mix the fact that my parent's left town 2 weeks before the wedding (that was at their house) for another wedding, and it was stress city.

Is it any surprise that on Wednesday August 26th I had a headache that wouldn't go away??

Thursday at the office was no better. I could barely keep my eyes open and the headache would not go away. No matter how much caffeine I drank or how much Tylenol I took. I managed to pick the kids up from afterschool care and get dinner for them at Burger King before I headed home and collapsed on my bed. An hour or so later I felt the tell tale shivers ... I call for the kids to bring me the thermometer. Sure enough, it read 102.2.

Did I mention that my "Girl's Night Out" party was set for Friday? Yea, that wasn't gonna happen. There was no way I could be fever free and ready to party in 24 hours. I sent some text messages to the VIP's in my life letting them know what was going on. Then I took Nyquil and passed out. The next 48 hours are a blur really.

Between Bill and my bestest friend the kids got taken care of and I got meds. Saturday I started feeling better, then promptly over did it trying to compensate for the missed days of wedding prep. Sunday was as bad as Friday as a result :( It took the rest of the week of minimal activity to keep my strength up. I even had to give up my AM walks, because they were draining too much of my strength.

By Friday night I was back to 100% and ready to begin the postponed Girls Night Out. The night was so much fun. We ate, we drank, we danced! There are few photographs LOL.

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