Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DIY: Table Number Frames

Long before Mom & I decided to have assigned seating, I knew that I wanted framed pictures from our engagement session on the tables. When we placed our order for the e-pics we got 2 each of our favorite 8 poses. That would make 2 different photos on each table, I thought it would be fun to mix and match. I ordered the 4x6 size and I vagely remember her saying a different measurement. I honestly didn't think it would matter. When it comes to finding frames .... it does!

Forgetting about the odd size (4x5 is the actual measurement of the photos) I went to the Dollar Tree and grabbed a stack of 10 white frames. They had a pretty little dot pattern on the edge, and I had been given 6 other ones after my shower. I planned on painting them, so the white wasn't a big deal.

I got to my mom's and pulled out my stack of 16 frames. I take out one of the pictures from the shower and plop in an e-pic. That is when the different measurement reality hit me. They didn't fit! UGH. I pack up the 10 new frames with the receipt and head to the Dollar Tree by my mom's house. I brought a picture with me this time! They had nothing in the size I needed. To make matters worse the frame section was very full and it was hard trying to sort thru the different sizes and styles. Finally I found 4x4 square frames. I couldn't find 16, I only found 4. Knowing that I had 2 other Dollar Tree's stores in town, I got the 4 frames plus some ivy garlands to exchange for the 10 frames I was returning.

I hit store #2 and didn't find any frames, so I went across town to store #3. Luckily they had the frames, so I bought all that they had and ended up with 16 total.

Back at Mom's house she and I got to painting. She started on the frames and I worked on the wooden numbers. The blue paint went on very easy and ended up being the perfect shade!

The champagne gold color was a little more temperamental. The white frames seemed to take the paint ok, but the gold color took multiple coats to cover the white without looking streaky. Mom only got 2 done in the time it took me to paint the numbers.

We did a quick mock up to be sure the blue and gold worked togheter.

Then I helped paint more frames. The numbers in this picture are just resting on the frame. I waited until I put the photos in the frames before using glue dots to put the numbers on.

I may need to go find a few more frames though if the guest list grows anymore.


TheRoddyBride said...

WOW... Those are SUPER cute! Great job!

Shayna said...

What a neat idea! They look great!

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