Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Invitations: They are done!

Later today I will go and pick up our completed invitation suite! As I mentioned before, our invitations were done by Lisa at Mementos. I can not recommend Lisa enough, she did an amazing job and I love them! For those that are interested, we chose the Gabrielle and Austin recipe from Envelopments and then Lisa customized it to match our color scheme.

This is the final wording for the invite:

Through marriage we are given the gift of
a new beginning, a new family and a new life
Little A and Miss G Last
invite you to share in their joy
as their mother
First Middle
is married to
First Last
and their new family is created.
on Saturday, the twelfth of September
two thousand nine
at six o'clock in the evening
at the home of Dad and Mom Last
City, Arizona

Here is the RSVP wording:
Please Respond
Please join us for the celebration. Respond by August 28th
____ Yes, we’re looking forward to the party.
number of adults attending ____number of children attending ____
Menu Preferences
#____ #____ # ____
Pollo Al Pastor Carne
(chicken) (pork) (beef)
____ Sorry, can’t make it, but are sending good wishes!

As soon as our guests start to receive the invites I will share the final product. I don't wanna ruin the surprise for any of our guests that may be reading my blog.


Anonymous said...

freaking GORGEOUS!!

Carol - Primadonnabride said...

These invites are stunning. I like all your diy ideas.

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