Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DIY: A place for the rings

Now that I have something for Miss G for her walk down the aisle, I need to have something for Little A as well.

My mom originally sent me a link to the ever popular Paloma's Nest Ring Bearer Bowl.
They are nice and simple. Then last night a thought popped into my head .... Dad just got Mom a kiln! Maybe we can make our OWN bowl! I picked up the phone and gave Mom a ring. Yes it was easy to do, but (there is always a but) she hasn't really set up the kiln, which basically means it has no power right now. She offered up an alternative. A polymer clay bowl! She has worked with polymer clay before. She made adorable little grape wine charms for my brother's wedding back in 2006. I love the idea that it will be handmade and that it will have some color. Let's face it, our wedding has COLOR!

I found a video tutorial:

Create a Mold for Your Polymer Clay Bowl -- powered by

Have you looked for alternatives to a pillow for your ring bearer?

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