Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One Lovey Blog

I just saw that the lovely August15bride has given me my very first blog award! It is so unexpected .. I don't eve have an acceptance speech ready LOL. I will just tag 6 lovey fellow wedding bloggers!

1. Sweets and Life
2. The Roddy Bride
3. The Snowflake Wedding
4. WrittenBliss
5. The World Around Her
6. Wedding Planning with Joy

Happy Planning ladies!!


august15bride said...

You deserve it! I love your blog! :)

Joy said...

I agree I love your blog :)

D. Marie said...

Congrats! And I see your new blog photo...very beautiful engagement picture. Thats so nice of you to share it with me!! Thank you so much! The sunflower cake looks great!

Air Jordans said...

It is my pleasure to read your article! What a vivid photo it is! Thank you for sharing! good luck!

herana said...

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Anonymous said...

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