Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DIY Pomander

Before Miss G left to go visit her father we had a discussion about what she would like to have for her walk down the aisle. I gave her a choice between:
1. A Basket with flowers
2. A small bouquet
3. A Pomander

To my surprise (and delight) she picked a Pomander!!

Tonight after work I headed to Michael's and found some fall bunches on sale for $2.99 each and grabbed a styrofoam ball. I got the 6" ball because I wanted it to have some substance to it. I also grabbed some satin royal blue ribbon, but it may be too wide.

I started by taking off the heads of the sunflowers from the stems. If you use a different type of flower you may need wire cutters to take them off.

Then using my Tacky Glue I covered the base of the sunflower and stuck it into the styrofoam ball. I started by simply making a straight line of flowers in a row. Too close together and the flowers pushed on each other and wouldn't glue down. Too far apart and you could see the white. Try to stagger the flowers to help fill in the gaps.

I did one side and then allowed it to dry. I got this much done already with 2 bunches. I still have 4 bunches left so I will have left overs to make her a wreath for her hair as well.

4 - bunches of sunflowers at $2.99 each = $11.96
1 - 6" styrofoam ball = $5.99
1 - 4yd roll of ribbon = $3.99
Tacky Glue - already in craft supplies

Total $21.94


Sweet Tooth said...

These are very pretty. My MOH loves sunflowers I will keep this in mind when she gets married.

TheRoddyBride said...

Oh my, that is sooo perty! She's going to look great holding the pomander!

Great Job!!

melissa said...

How cute! This seems like a pretty easy project. Can't wait to see how she looks carrying it.

Snowflake said...

That looks very pretty. I did these for my daughter too and I was surprised how nice they came out.

Krista said...

that is so adorable and cheery!

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