Monday, June 8, 2009

Honorary MOH

With our decision to not have attendants I was able to dodge the bullet of picking bridesmaids from my group of friends. I have wonderful friends, with fabulous qualities. It would have been impossible for me to pick just one or two as bridesmaids. When Mr. B and I decided to just have the kids stand up with us I no longer had to worry. Problem solved, right?? Nope, not so easy there Ms. A. What about a bridal shower? What about dress shopping and fittings? Who is gonna give a toast at the reception? Oh Snap! I guess I didn't dodge that bullet after all.

At first I took the divide and conquer approach. I had two friends come with me to try on dresses after I freaked out about not trying any on. I casually mentioned to another friend that I would love a couples shower, and told another that my idea of a bachellorette party did not include phallic shaped toys, candy or cakes (you know what I am talking about). It seemed to be working, but something still felt missing. Plus, everyone kept asking who my attendants were.

I finally decided on a whim that I needed an Honorary MOH. It needed to be someone who knows Mr. B and I well. Someone that has stood by me through thick & thin. Someone that I can trust to be there when I need her and will be honest with me. Someone that shares my same beliefs and ideals that I can turn to when times get rough. Let me introduce you to my Honorary MOH:

Us in 2006 at her 21st Birthday Party

Us at a friend's bachelorette party last month.

She is a new mommy (yep - she is the one from the baby shower) so she is fine with not having to find a MOH dress. I also have a surprise up my sleeve for her .... but it is TOP SECRET so you will have to wait till after the wedding ;)

I wanna make her something cute to "officially" ask her, since it was a text message last week that I sent. Any good ideas? Link me up I need to get crafty!

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Krista said...

i'm so happy you came to a decision and it's working! can't wait to see what the top secret surprise is!

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