Thursday, June 4, 2009

A head above the rest

What to wear in my hair has been a dilemma for a while. Every time I see a bride with a short dress I look to see what she is wearing in her hair. I have been browsing Weddingbee and Etsy in search of inspiration. With our 100 day make rapidly approaching (like THIS week) I need to make a decision.

I have crossed the "big flower" off my list. I am only having sunflowers in my bouquet and centerpieces, so it would be odd to have some other white flower in my hair. I was also having a hard time finding them without feathers or bling.

For a while I liked the look of a headband. Check out these ones from etsy





The middle two would match my gown since I am wearing Champagne not white or ivory. The last one with the sapphire blue Swarovski crystals would have been the perfect compliment with all the other blue accents in mine and Mr. B's attire.

In the end I decided I did want to wear a veil. I know that traditionally an encore bride is not supposed to wear a veil, but I have been bucking tradition for a while with this wedding, so I am fine with throwing out that "rule" as well.

I turned again to etsy to look for the perfect birdcage veil. I did not want a lot of poof, I did not want any flowers or feathers, and I wanted it to just barely fall above my eyes. It would bug me to no end to have something covering my eyes. I would also love to spend less than $25. Here are a few I found that met my requirements:





The last one is definitely my favorite. It is not covering her eyes, the ends are perfectly finished (I saw some that had hard straight edges) The netting is not too big, not too small. It is only attached to a metal comb (although this seller does make fascinators as well. Best part? It is $22.99! Woo Hoo! Under budget!

You will have to wait and see how it looks on me untill I have my hair trial.

What are you wearing in your hair?


lmariea said...

I can totally see you rocking a birdcage veil!

I love the look of them, but I just wouldn't feel "me" wearing one, you know?

D. Marie said...

I love the headbands...very cute and different than a tiara which Im not so fond of! Im thinking of a small crystal hair clip or flower...not sure which yet...but the veil will be at the back of my head instead of on top...i like these birdcage veils though...very cute! :)

Sweet Tooth said...

I loved the last one.

Joy said...

I agree the last one is adorable!!! Im using a clay flower on my hair but Im in love with birdcage veils, but I guess it would be too much going on

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