Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pick a pack of paper

A couple weeks ago on my lunch break I went to see Lisa, the invitation guru. I love stopping in to check on new arrivals at the store and chat with her a little. It was a semi-crazy day, she was at the shop alone and had tons to do as always. One thing she had to do was place an order for another couples paper products for their invites. I decided to use this as my opportunity to talk about what I was wanting for our invites.

I had looked online, but wanted to see the samples in person so she pulled out her swatch books.


That top paper? That will be mine, oh yes it will!! It is called Sapphire and has the most beautiful sheen. It kind of sparkles when the sun or light catches it. It is a little darker than the rest of our blue, but the closest the company has.


Paper number two I had seen on an invite during my online searching, so I specifically asked to see it in person. Envelopments calls the pattern Kaleidoscope, but in the white micah and yellow it looks like sunflowers to me. What do you think?


There will be some plain white micah and another accent color as well. Since she was already placing an order with evelopements she added my papers to the order as well. Now all we have to do is finalize the design!

Since they are custom there isn't any pictures of our actual invites yet, but here are a few that inspired the design:

We start with the pocketfold tied with a ribbon and my DIY monogram, kind of like this:


Which will open up into a beautiful layered invite, similar to this one:


With the response card and map in the pocket. I have been trying to DIY my map. I wish I could order one of these:


but that is just not in our budget, which is why I am trying to DIY the map following this tutorial I found on Weddingbee by Miss (now Mrs.) Spring Roll and this tutorial by Mrs Peony

I am using Photoshop to make my map. Once I finish and have a final product I like I will share how I combined the two tutorials to make my map.

Last but not least I have been trying to figure what I want & need on the RSVP card. I went to the Weddingbee Wiki RSVP page to get some help. The basics I will need are:
  • The guest(s) name
  • yes or no
  • meal preference


I like the above example because it give the kid option, we are allowing guests to bring children if they desire. It leaves off the menu preference and doesn't give a spot for multiple names.

This one gives the menu preference, but leaves no indication of children.

Here is the wording I have come up with so far:

Please join us for the celebration. Respond by DATE
____ Yes, we’re looking forward to the party.
number of adults attending ____
number of children attending ____
Menu Preferences
#____ #____ # ____
Pollo Al Pastor Carne
(chicken) (pork) (beef)

____ Sorry, can’t make it, but are sending good wishes!

I would like to have multiple ways for them to get the RSVP back to us without being confusing. We don't have a wedding website, so I think I will just add a line to the bottom with our wedding email address. Do you think the RSVP card would look to crowded??

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Krista said...

The colors look beautiful and you're putting so much thought into this, they will look amazing. I don't think it will be too crowded :)

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