Monday, June 22, 2009

Gift with ... Registry??

At the beginning of the month Mr. B and I took some time on a Saturday morning to go and register. Originally registering had not been on our "Things To Do" for the wedding list. I already have a house, I already have a LOT of stuff. Why did I need more?? Then people started asking where we registered. At first I was brushing it off, explaining that I already had a house full of stuff. Then someone along the line pointed out it would be nice to get NEW stuff. You know, stuff that my EX didn't use. That made sense. Most of my "stuff" did come from my first wedding and marriage. Out with the old, in with the new!!

We made a short list of things that we wanted to replace in my house. Things like sheets and towels were obviously on the list. Then I took inventory in the kitchen, a few things needed replaced. Gadgest had broke over the years, dishes were scratches, and napkins stained. With an idea of what we needed we decided to head to Bed Bath and Beyond, but they were not open yet. To kill time we headed to Target. I originally wasn't going to register there because the return process has changed so drastically in recent years. We added a few essentials while we were there and I took pictures of Mr B having fun with the scanner.

A Carpet Cleaner is a must have with kids!

A new microwave that won't have a broken display

Then we headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond.

Unlike Target they have an associate who sits down with you and goes over everything. It kind of feels like a sales pitch, but she was very friendly and helpful. She took us on a tour around the store explaining different sections and gave us some recommendations when we asked. Then she turned us loose with a clipboard and the scanner gun. Mr. B definitely turned into a little kid, scanning anything I even mentioned LOL.

scanning a toilet brush, I can never find one at the house when I need it.

nice new napkins, good thing Mr. B works retail and knows how to type in codes

One thing that Bed Bath and Beyond offers that is different than Target is a an Incentive program. They give you a list of companies that offer you a free gift if you register for a certain dollar amount worth of their product. I had heard of "gift with purchase" and "free mail in offers" but never a gift with registry.

Once I went over the list I realized that a few of the companies we had already planned on registering for their products. For example Calphalon was already the type of pots and pans we wanted. For registering for $500 worth of their cookware we get a free knife! Not a bad deal at all! There are also gifts if your guests complete your registry for those same companies. It is definitely a great marketing idea. If/when I recieve any of the free gifts I will be sure to let you know.

Did you get any free gifts when registering? Are any other stores offering programs like this?

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august15bride said...

Macy's does - but I didn't know that BB&B does!

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