Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blue outfit blues

I mentioned before that I have been having a hard time find cute outfits I like in plus sizes. I don't have any definite dates for any showers or parties, but I know that there will be some. The last few times I haven't had kids my friend and I did some shopping around town looking for options. I haven't purchased anything because nothing has jumped out at me. Here are a few outfits I like.

#1 - Blue Floral Dress

Robbie Bee dress at Dillard. Currently on sale for $55. I have a few Robbie Bee dresses and they always fit so nice. I didn't try this one on, but it is very simlar to a green one that I wore on Mother's Day.

#2 - Skirt and Tank outfit

Lane Bryant skirt and tank. The skirt is $49.50 and was really the only part of the outfit that I liked.

#3 - Dress with and without shrug

Lane Bryant dress. The dress is $69.50 and the shrug is $29.50. It was okay, but still didn't really flatter my figure.

#4 - Ebay Dress

Rockabilly Dress on Ebay. I have been watching this dress on ebay for a while. Right now it is 15% off, but I am still hesitant to make a purchase.

Which outfit do you like? I am open to other suggestions as well.

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