Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To the rescue!

When I wrote about wanting to provide program fans for our guests I immediately went into research mode. I have seen them on various inspiration boards and other wedding blogs, but I had not seen a DIY tutorial or template. I found a few sites that would make them for you at about $3 a pop (thank you very much, I don't think so!)

In my DIY searching I did find a word/pdf document but the thought of cutting about 150 petals by hand was NOT appealing. (here is one link)

I even emailed my wedding invitation guru, Lisa, to see if the cricut had a cartridge that could help (she didn't know of one, so if you out there do please let me know)

Then I stumbled onto the best find (IMO) DIY kits with the petals pre-perforated onto the sheets, ready for printing and assembly.

They are a new product (just released this month). I am going to be placing an order for a sample from Custom Programs so that I can try them out. I think with our estimated guest list I can order just one pack of paper to make all my fans.

Have you stumbled upon any new products to help with your DIY projects?

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