Thursday, May 28, 2009

To rehearse or not to rehearse

In my head I have been having a debate about having a rehearsal on the Friday night before the Saturday wedding. The day before the wedding will be busy I am SURE. Friday we will be at Mom's house almost all day. The rental people will arrive and set up the tents. Then Mr. B & Dad (hopefully my brothers and uncle too) will need to start running the lighting (more on that later).

While the guys are doing the hot work outside, the ladies will be inside prepping food. It will mainly be the veggie prep at this point that will need done. It is still a lot of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, limes, ect to cut up. One thing Mr. B doesn't want is for the food to run out.

Once the lighting and food prep is done there will be other decor that can be set up on Friday night. Obviously we will not be setting the tables, but things like the vines in the tent and the shepherd hooks lining the walkway can be done. We will also be setting up the chairs in the ceremony area Friday night (is case we decide it needs moved because of space restrictions.

Hopefully the majority of the work will be done while my two kids are at school. The time to have the rehearsal would be that Friday evening, but really it is only Mr. B the kids and I, there is no other bridal party. There would be no reason for a dinner either. We don't have that many out of town guests, and the few that there will be are gonna be helping at the house anyway. Dad has to BBQ the meat so I am sure we will have a BBQ dinner as well. Can that really be called a rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner??

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august15bride said...

I think that is more than fine! Having those closest to you is what it is really all about, and it doesn't seem like you will have too much to "rehearse" anyway.

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