Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to beat the heat

Mr B and I will be getting married in September after Labor Day. Now in most parts of the country the weather will cooling down. Here in Arizona it won't be "OMG am I melting?" hot but it will still be about 100 degrees. Hopefully we won't have any humidity, so it will be a nice dry heat (yes there IS a difference.)

According to weather.com this is the typical weather for our area the past 30 years:
Typical Weather for September 12
Here are average weather conditions for the day of your wedding:
Average High Temp:102°F Record High Temp:114°F (1971)
Average Low Temp: 77°F Record Low Temp: 58°F (1930)
So how do we intended to beat the heat?
We will avoid the majority of the heat by having an evening wedding. The sunset should be at about 6:45pm so we are planning a 6pm ceremony time so we still have sun for pictures. Once the sun sets the temp will start to drop (fingers crossed).

I am planning a few things to help our guests be more comfortable before our outdoor ceremony as well. Mr. B wants the bar to be open, but that isn't gonna happen LOL. Instead I plan to ice a bunch of water bottles with custom labels, like the ones I did for the baby shower. I did 2 cases of water in one evening. It shouldn't take too much longer to get 4 cases done.

I am also planning to have the programs open like fans:

I want to find out if I can cut the shapes on a Cricut. That would sure make the cutting go faster!

Last but not least, to keep our guests from having to wait around in the heat for us to take pictures, Mr B and I will be doing a "First Look" and getting most of the pictures out of the way before the ceremony.

Hopefully these little touches will help our guests be as comfortable as possible.

How do you plan to make your guests more comfortable with the weather at your wedding?


Krista said...

Of COURSE there's a difference between humid heat and dry heat. In my part of Canada, we get a humid heat in the summer. It can range from slight (barely noticeable) humidity to "I-can't-breath" humidity.

Wow, it sounds like you're trying to plan for the weather. I'm sure your guests will appreciate it!

Wendy said...

I totally get it - I grew up in Tucson and went back for my brothers wedding last September - it was VERY warm! The water and fans will certainly help. Have you thought about a mister like they have at a lot of the restaraunts?

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