Friday, May 22, 2009

Prelude to a Black & White wedding

I am so excited about tonight! It is the 2nd of three wedding that I have been invited too this summer. At 7pm a very good friend will be marrying the man she loves at our church. I am so happy for her I can hardly contain myself! I borrowed a black and white dress from a friend, got Mr. B a black pin stripe shirt to wear and I am going to get my hair done at 5pm (I work all day - don't have to to do my own LOL)

The 2nd reason I am excited for the wedding is because I will get to see the work of a new event coordinator in town. She and I have talk about working together for my wedding as well. I sent her my inspiration along with what I needed and wanted. She sent me back a very reasonable offer. For linens, tableware, glassware & silverware it would be about $3.95 per person. Including delivery, setting the tables and clearing the tables. I love friendors!!

I am hoping that I like the table settings tonight. I will be sure to grab my camera and take pics (what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't)

How many weddings are you attended recently? Are they inspirational?

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