Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dressing the Two Kids

I have posted previously about My Dress and Mr. B's attire. I forgot to share that we found Little A a suit as well. Lucky for me it is Easter season and the stores are full of the light colored suits. We found a very cute Calvin Kline at Burlington Coat Factory for $49! I still need to find his shirt, tie and Blue Converse though. I have a lead on the Converse and I should know by the end of the week if I have those crossed off the list too.

The hard one to shop for has been my darling little Princess, Miss G. You see, I have created a fashion monster. It all started very innocently after that ultrasound 5 1/2 years ago. A dress here, a cute hairbow there. Before I knew it though the girl had more clothes that I did. She had so much that I would be hard pressed to find an outfit from that first year that she wore more than a handful of times. In fact when I was boxing stuff up to take to a friend I found clothes that still had tags ... TAGS!!!! I guess it wouldn't be so bad if the clothes hadn't come from Gymboree and other higher end boutiques.

Now that she is older she tends to have fewer outfits, but they are just as fancy (and most still from Gymboree and similar stores). One thing that is a problem though is that she now knows what "good clothes" feel like. She hates rough fabrics and stiff seams. She is even particular about her shoes.

Gymboree - Indian Summer

Gymboree - Sunflower Fields

Gymboree - Hide & Seek

Because of this, finding a flower girl dress for her is proving difficult. I want her dress to reflect the style of mine and be similar in color. I contacted Dolly Couture to ask about making a "mini manhattan" with the same fabric & tulle that mine is being made out of, but the price was WAY out of my budget ($295 + shipping and possible alterations)

I did some browsing online but wasn't finding anything that I (or she) would like. I wanted a champagne or ivory satin with a full skirt so I could put a dyed petticoat under it. I did not want an empire waist, pickups on the skirt, rose buds, beading, lace, appliques anywhere!! Where are all the simple classic flower girl dresses?
Flower Girl Dresses
Flower Girl Dresses by me on Polyvore.com

I got the brilliant idea to put up an alchemy request on etsy. I got a few bites, and then I approached a few sellers that had similar dresses in their etsy shops. The prices ranged from $50-$150 from the bidders, but I kept hearing that the champange I wanted they couldn't find, or that it was too expensive. I still haven't closed the request or rejected any bidders.

In the meantime Mom & I kept searching the internet. I have found three that I like and they are all reasonable priced and all come in ivory, the one on the very end is actually champagne (although it looks darker than my champagne)
Flower Girl Dress
Flower Girl Dress by me on Polyvore.com

I think this one is my favorite it is the middle pink on above:

I would want to add a royal blue sash and petticoat so I am still looking to see if I can make those alterations myself or if I should just accept one of the etsy requests and have is custom made from scratch.

Are you having a difficult time picking out the attire for one of the members of your wedding party? Have you looked in unusual places to stay in budget?


Krista said...
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Krista said...

Aw, what a cutie - I love the pics of Miss G.

Finding a reasonable, simple but cute flower dress that is not $200 or more is difficult. I understand what you're going through. We have 2 flower girls, the daughters of a friend. And to find a reasonable dress that won't break the bank is hard!

AmyJean said...

She is tooo cute!

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